Aerial views

I started these paintings a view months ago, after returning on a flight from NY. I started them loosely, just squares of color, then slowly added detail until it was clear that the paintings were of country in the morning, city at noon, sunset also in the country, and back in the city for evening. 12″ x 12″ each, acrylic on board.




At a recent opening, someone asked me what my paintings “mean.” I suspect that’s a question that’s been asked of artists for all time. … I answered him truthfully: they represent something to me, usually, which I’m aware of after I paint them. But they’re a little like dreams, what do dreams mean? As soon as you try to say, something important about the dream is gone.

Steady Girl




I’m creating a lot of block figures at the moment, as well as paintings and collage. Here are some blocks-in-progress. I’m sure they’ll go through many more changes.