Light-weight Paper Collage: May 11, 2015

After some duration of painting, I long to start cutting and pasting. Well, that’s not always how it feels, but it’s what I end up doing.

I started some rice paper and newsprint collages over the past week, and like how it’s going. . …  Here is one that features some newsprint, some of the pieces have been brushed with shellac, tea, and/or ink. I haven’t glued down the pieces yet, and, of course, the type at the bottom isn’t on the original (just for Instagram).

Flo and the River unfinished

“Flo and the River,” 22″x30″

A bit nervous about gluing down such thin paper, I decided to try it out on another piece first. So, I started messing around with similar paper and soon it evolved into a piece I liked. I still wasn’t as attached as I am to the “Flo” piece, so I went ahead with gluing.

All This Will be Yours Someday

“Someday, All of This Will Be Yours” 22″ x 30″ (plus frame and matt)