I'm a multi-disciplinary artist in Seattle, working in visual art, music and writing. I'm most interested in surprising myself, to uncover what I don't know I know. 

I use acrylics, gouache, ink on paper, board, canvas, and found wood. I stumbled onto collage while teaching myself to paint. I'd invariably like one part of the painting and not others, so I cut that part out and pasted it onto a new page. And so on.


As a musician, I'm a founding member of the harmony trios Uncle Bonsai and the Go Janes.

As a teacher, I've worked with all ages for the better part of two decades. I've taught in the schools as a writing coach and an artist-in-residence, and now privately tutor kids in writing, and coach adults on creative projects. My workshops often integrate art and writing, anything it takes to uncover pathways to more freedom in creative work. I'm also delighted to teach art on occasion at the Seattle Children's Playgarden, a wondrous place for kids and teens with disabilities. I enjoy the way all minds create, and find great pleasure in working with a wide range of thinkers and makers. 

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