I tutor and coach students, writers, artists, dancers, and filmmakers in various aspects of their work, overcoming obstacles, the nuts and bolts of writing, executive functioning, and editing and revising books/websites/blogs. My expertise lies in helping creative people adapt their work to meet their style of thinking/working, to break down projects into manageable pieces, and to point them toward finding and using their own strengths. 

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"Arni is a multi-creative. One of her greatest qualities is seeing and building on the strengths of others."

— Marie Peters

author of “Marie’s Mosaic”

"Arni has the rare gift of being able to shine a light through the brambles (in our heads or on the page) and light up the sky, the seeds and the honey bees. Then, off we bloom."

— Wendy Wahman, author/ illustrator

of “Don’t Lick the Dog,” and

other books for children

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UW Summer Camp, middle school. Co-taught with (and photo by) Lily Hotchkiss


"Arni’s processes are so productive. I feel like my creativity is lubricated after a session with her."  

— Sheri Cohen, dancer, Feldenkrais and Lotus Yoga instructor, workshop leader 

"Arni has been helping our young adult daughter have much more fun with writing when it used to be a big chore. She sometimes uses art activities during the writing time and the result is our daughter writes with more ease, confidence and joy. We are so happy

we found her."

— Jane McPhereson-George

"No one has helped me navigate the ocean of my creative process better than Arni. She knows exactly how to guide, inspire and keep me on track.  

She’s my North Star."

— Elizabeth Yoffe, producer of documentary Filmworker

Prepositions (at UW Summer camp for midd

"When I brought my son to Arni a year ago, he was rarely able to produce writing of any kind. A year later,

he's a writer."

— Molly Magai

UW Summer Camp, middle school lesson in prepositions. Co-taught with (and photo by) Laura Sindell